Kelroy, a five piece band from Chicago, is a mixture of many things. Our roots are in bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, FNM, The Cure, Nirvana, NIN and Smashing Pumpkins. As we grew and discovered bands like Radiohead, Tool, Sigor Ros, and Blonde Redhead we worked to create music that was inspired by what we loved about the music we listened to, but felt true to us.  Our sound is an intense and unique mix of post rock psychedelia with a whole lot of mood. Dark and raw yet uplifting. 


Sample Tracks

We are an passionate and moody band with an unmatched intensity & theatrical presence. We've self released and produced our three albums  
(Bloodshot Hungry Paranoid, Somewhere Renegade & Beautiful Monsters) available on this site. We appreciate your interest in our work and hope to hear from you.

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"Set to Drift"

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Tiny Desks Submission "Astro"


Kelroy has all the components of a typical rock band - guitar, drums, bass and some keys. The keyboard player also switches off playing trombone, which is a really nice touch. The sound that the group produces with these instruments is something pretty unique though. It’s theatrical, dark, brooding and angsty. Dynamically, it was incredibly engaging, where jammin’ grooves gave way to raging walls of distortion as the songs ebbed and flowed. I was certainly never bored. The well-crafted songs kept us engaged with variety in rhythms and moods, though the band generally stuck to a distinctive style. These guys love their minor keys, which added to the dark moods of many of the tunes. The songs were still energetic though, aided by the lead vocalist’s intense passion and the band’s aptness in building to climaxes of powerfully loud sound. At the end of it all, I emerged from the trombone solos, cymbal crashes, vocal wailing and guitar fuzz with a smile. ”

— Scene Pulse

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