Angry Man with an eager plan. Even insecure process for flowers and dead bud romance. A complicated dance, inconsistent mastery. Maverick ambition versus forgetful discipline.                                              Fabulous playtime catastrophe. Nothing else shudders us so masterfully to shake the cosmos with that lofty sunshine smile. Supernova distraction, It's edible distraction. monkey dissatisfaction waiting for that happy day, but not for that man. That angry man. That angry man. Oh those angry Men. Are you that angry man who plagues the earth?                                                           Its all training for discovery, trailing behind that flimsy asteroid pointed at the center of your broken cause. Pointed towards the deepest of, pointing towards the darkest of, shooting towards the hungriest of the holes! But not for that man, that angry man who walks the earth like a prick. Are you that angry man? That Angry man that plagues the earth like a - 

Space Looking In the shuttle takes it's time without noticing time. Casual risk for simpler grind. Fraternize with cosmic pore, solar eyed to make a backwards threat to realize the forward motion and strain will crush and pass with not sight nor sound to pave the way.                                                            Get inside to make amends. this time I'm leaving for times sake. My hate is craving for good. The battling impulse, stop watch for sleepy eyes. Break your neck for a ripe surprise, it'll make them swoon or fade away.                                                          No Pave the way. don't Fade Away. Pave the way for 1st attempt when little hope seems left. Pave the way to make them swoon or fade away.

Surprise with a Fold if you waste the seed and the seed is cold. You desire the soul of the seed. You're so unbalanced. But suppose it is time that we weave together. If nothing finds us a home, we'll just sing, sing, sing, float, float, float up way high.                                                    My mind (heart) attacks, though I'm figuring it will be so. The mold that was tool now turns into fuel. The pollen of prestige and power. We'll see you soon. oh, we'll see you soon We will see you soon and then we will be able to sing!                                        How exact, this conflict to bring peace to hit me back home. The mold so confused now turns to fool. It's nothing like a bud. We'll see you soon. Oh, we'll see you soon. We will see you soon and then we will be able to sing and sing and sing!

Through the Breath of Others  In the center of this lonely tomb, cravings carry me to consume the fume. Traverse the galactic craze. Suffering this just for you. Be certain heavy tailspin washes tender bones away.                                                       Shame so friendly now. Those admirers of pain find situations greasing the warming heart. Boiling the blood, counting down doesn't work. The passion leaves few to an empty place.                                                                                                                                       In the face of luck before we sleep. Incinerate the ghost. Welcome it to the deep. Mastery of headache. Banking on the secret dose. The monkey doesn't understand how to eat the cake.                                                                                                                     In the center of this lonely tomb cravings carry me to consume the fume. traverse the galactic craze suffering this just for you. Be certain heavy tailspin washes tender bones away. For fortunes sake.                                                                                          When the crave enters your head. And it feeds on you instead. It's Breaking you down in your bed till nothings left of your breath. How will we jar these bones awake?

Dragging Your feet through the Desert Assume the sky is falling. Just like they said. Dressed like who? the comet.                                                                                        As I eat the sound, I don't panic. Karma eats, but I feed no need to panic. No one thinks of you at moments like these. When dragging your feet through the dessert.                                                                                                                                                                        And you know the story stays the same. No one ever knows your name. No one ever wins that one, but please suit yourself. You would not survive the disease. Even I could not survive the disease. I'm too lost to find myself and you're too proud to play pretend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Is the sky falling? as I eat the sound. The ground caving in? as I eat the ground. I'm too lost to find myself and you're too proud to play pretend. Is the sky falling? Hope

Picture the Hate decide to fold. Picture the framing of hate and bottle it up, I'm guilty too. My expanse of thought provokes the navigation through some treachery. How can I escape this loathsome scope when mother decides to find rage has priority over common sense. Picture the hate.                                 Decay, how can I entrust this fearsome hope when father decides power has priority over common ground.                               Who's side are you on? Heartfelt atrophy frothing up malaise on to you on mistake. That's wrong. That's so wrong.                       Hard to see cavity, homegrown, underneath. I don't want to be there. I don't want to see. Hard to see when gravity comes and goes. Why can't you commit? Why do you disguise the outcome?                                                                                                          Who's side are you on? Heartfelt atrophy frothing up malaise on to you. Drink it on mistake. Who's swallowing?! Breaking on the high, watching you spill it on mistake. that's wrong, that's so wrong.

Emergency unhappy monkey with the collar blues rides the mean machine again. Disposable disguises and rage filled top soil imagines the ressurrection of every sleepy nation.                                                                                                      Vivid imagery for watered down make believe. The Capsule is for Familly and lost memories. Loose against failure. Choose one against none and let conflict with the shame reign alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Choose someone to save. Find someone to save. Look out for someone to save. Who is left to save?

Fear to the Sea No matter how much you trim, you'll still dislike those eyes in the mirror. No matter how hard you try, you can't reverse a thing. But be content with them eyes or live with guilt ridden hill. A lazy day off committing to the tenderest of the lies.                                                  But who knew? Who knew you'd lose?                     Commit to the tender life, but don't overfill. Overfilling it would be the worst thing that you could ever do. You spent your time growing your garden. it is quite exquisite. The surrounding disaster is magically spreading it's root.                                                 Ooh, how does it feel? When I want you to sing for me. How does it go? Fear to the sea? I want you to dissect and probe and feed the bug.                                                           Here we go, I'll lead you through to the horny hole. Instead of planting the seeds of peace I'm walking food to the predator. Oh! Who knew, Garden, who knew?                                                                                                Oh, woe is me, swing me to the pity home or fear to the sea. Put ear to the sea or drown. How does it feel? When I want you to sing to me? How does it go? Fear to the sea? I want you to sing.

What No One See's Take another laugh former remnants of pride filled caution. Remember the train wreck atmosphere traded us in for the final back stab.                                                      Inaudible facts forcing me to heal the battle wounds. Angering my gaping ignorance mixing into my phantom self.              Halfway break down, sink with the bitter ship. Affiliates, now that we're the same, unite and undress what no one see's.